IITM YRF Program Awardees

Congratulations to all the awardees!

Abhimanyu Bhola

I am extremely excited to be working with Prof. Satadal Ghosh under the project of “Offline and Online Motion Planning Guidance and Control of Autonomous Vehicles”.  I hope I will be able to do justice to all your expectations.

Amrita Mahesh

What excites me most about the program is the opportunity to glimpse the research-driven environment at IIT-Madras, which is not something one usually gets to experience as an undergraduate student, and I am also excited to see the kind of challenges that this new experience will bring. I am definitely looking forward to spending the next year working on this project and seeing how it progresses, while learning plenty of useful skills in the process!

Anagha Udupa K

I am also looking forward to being a part of this prestigious programme, meeting like minded students and exploring research to the fullest. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

S Aniruddha

I am eager to explore scientific research through the program. I am also very excited about the career and life skills coaching offered as part of the program.

Devarakonda Venkata Naren

The scope of deep learning and its applications in various fields has amazed me and I was eagerly looking for projects in this domain. I am very lucky to have the YRF programme being announced for students like me who are deeply interested in research. This will also fulfil my desire to do proper research work under the guidance of experienced professors and the mentorship of successful alumni. I promise you that I will do my best to make use of the resources and opportunities provided to me and make this newly initiated program a success.

Dhanveerraj J M

Getting selected into YRF is a dream come true moment for me! I see YRF as an entry ticket into research work. I have always wanted to prove myself, not to anyone but to myself, wherein I see YRF as a milestone in my life. This project revolves around automobiles which fascinates me a lot ever since I started driving. Adding to this, is the social impact of this project by helping save lives. I’m looking forward to working with Prof. Shankar Ram C S on this interesting and impactful project titled “Development of Scaled Heavy Commercial Road Vehicles for Testing Active Safety Algorithms”.

Gaurav Milind Vaidya

Quantum Technologies have always been an area of fascination for me. Being able to work on a project on QEC allows me to explore the field in depth under the guidance of a mentor while developing my aptitude and skills as a researcher excites me the most. Looking forward to making the most of this opportunity and taking part in some groundbreaking research!

Jugal N Anil

I am looking forward to developing my knowledge in the field of Clathrate Hydrates which shows promise in solving many world problems. I am eager to showcase the results of my work and attend numerous conferences as well!

Jyotsna Varkey

Truly excited to deep-dive into the world of Neuromechanics and work on a fascinating problem under the guidance of such capable and passionate individuals. I am also honoured to have the opportunity to have interesting and insightful conversations with the 79ers. Hope to have a very fruitful collaboration.

Kairav Shah

I am elated to be selected for this coveted program and cannot describe in words how grateful I am to be selected out of the exceptional pool of candidates you must have received. I shall give it my best and hope to achieve remarkable work under the tutelage of Pandu Sir.

Krishna Gopal Sharma

The project deals with building machine learning based models for chemical kinetics. I am confident that I would be able to make significant contributions to the project with my skillset and experience. I am excited by the application of this project on generating renewable energy fuels which is essentially the need of the hour.I am very excited and look forward to work on this project. I am also eager to attend numerous conferences as well.

Neha Swaminathan

The project I’ve chosen will have a direct impact in the medical field- a field that I’ve wanted to delve into deeper since my interest in research began. I’m also very excited to meet new people, especially professionals in my field of interest, which will allow me to understand the subject and the various approaches to it better.

Nischith Shadagopan M N

YRF gives me an unique opportunity to do long term research under some of the best professors in the world. This will be a good learning experience and a stepping stone for my future research aspirations. Associated credits for YRF will help me allocate time more efficiently and hence make a more significant contribution. Also IITM alumni mentor’s valuable suggestions based on experience will guide me to make better decisions in my career.

Prajwal Prakash

This project gives me the perfect avenue to jump into quantum computing, an area I am very passionate about. Getting genuine research exposure in a field that’s not traditionally associated with my major was something I did not expect coming into my third year at IITM, and I cannot wait to go ahead with this wonderful opportunity!

Sai Subramanian

Meta materials show incredible new properties which bring with them endless new possibilities. With the amazing guidance and support of the YRF Program, I will try to explore, understand and make use of these materials based on the fundamental laws of nature – Quantum Mechanics.

Saili Myana

This program is a great opportunity for me to divulge into research and innovation in modelling preferences for venture investments. I’m very excited to dive into the research under the guidance of Prof. Thillai Rajan A, and looking forward to amazing discoveries and great learnings through this research fellowship.

Sayan Mitra

Automatic Speech Recognition using Deep Learning and Transformer Models” is the direct social impact it has on India. The project is also technically challenging and will open a plethora of opportunities for me to learn and implement theoretical knowledge into practice. Apart from the technical skills, the joy of research is something that I really look forward to.

The YRF program gives me an opportunity to interact with highly reputed alumni, whose guidance will be extremely valuable throughout my life. My dream of presenting in conferences and publishing in peer-reviewed journals will now become a reality, for which I am extremely thankful.

Sameer Nandkishore Soni

I really look forward to this immersive research program which provides me multiple and specialized pathways to contribute and learn so much from such experienced professionals. I look forward to becoming a better “me” and getting one step closer to making the world a better place! I’m really excited about the amount of exposure that awaits me in this journey and will surely give it the best I can. Once again, I thank the whole YRF team for giving me this opportunity. I assure you that I’ll give my best to make you proud!

Shashank H S

The IITM YRF is a well rounded program which aims to reinforce the scientific temper in students. I am excited to be part of this program and engage in hands-on neuroscience research using the tools of physics, mathematics and computer science.

Shivangi Singh

The sheer joy of being able to immerse myself in a rigorous research journey, by working on a project of my interest for an entire year, excites me the most. I’m looking forward to accelerating my career and consolidating my future choices by mentorship from experienced alumni. With a steep learning curve ahead, the compelling YRF program is the perfect kick-starter for my research career.

Shreesha G Bhat

I am excited to dive headfirst into the field of Distributed Systems and Formal Verification. As this would be my first experience in a long term research project, I am excited to learn the nuances and skills that it takes. I hope to learn a lot from my guide and further my career through the YRF program.

Sindhu Gunturi

Having an immersive year-long research experience at an undergraduate level is truly a rare opportunity and I strongly believe that this will not only be a steep learning curve for me but also give me practical exposure to research. I’m very excited to be part of this program!

Sriharan B S

I am eagerly looking forward to contributing to the institute’s rich research landscape, thereby, drowning myself in the multitude of exposures, learnings, and challenges that it has to offer. The YRF program is a comfortable springboard to get started down the research road. I am excited about the diverse set of inputs from my guide, mentor, and everyone else in the YRF 2020 team, that are going to shape my personality and thinking, for the good.

Srivenkat A

I wish to make the most out of this work from home situation and am highly excited about working on this project on Remote Sensing with Prof. Uday. I am also eagerly waiting to get to know my mentor and develop a strong academic bond with him/her. I am looking forward to having some really fascinating conversations with them about using novel technologies like Remote Sensing and Deep Learning to analyse vegetation patterns from space and come up with innovative ideas to improve the analysis.

I would also like to thank you for considering me for this opportunity and am eagerly waiting to start working on it.

Sneha Srikanth

I am highly excited to work under the guidance of Prof. R. I. Sujith on the project ” Amplitude Death in Coupled Thermoacoustic Systems”. A one-year research program like YRF would give me a taste of working on cutting edge research and help me shape myself into a competent researcher. The unique chance to interact with 1979 alumnis of our institute would offer me and other YRF recipients great insight into our career choices. My heartfelt thanks to the organisers of this program for creating this golden opportunity for us.

G Srivarshini

I am a third year Bioengineering dual degree student. I am interested in using computational methods to study the structure and dynamics of proteins. For my YRF project, I will be studying the aggregation of amyloid-beta proteins, with implications for developing new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Swathi V

I am very excited to be part of the YRF program. This is a great opportunity for me to explore my interests in depth and to connect with people of similar interests. This project in particular is very interesting for me as I believe that biomedical product design has the ability to impact people from all walks of life. Further, it involves non-contact testing, which aligns with what I want to work on in the future as well.

The ‘Why’ Lectures : An IITM YRF and 79ers Initiative

Kris Gopalakrishnan, Ex-Chairman of Infosys and Founder, Axilor Ventures, speaking on

‘Why’ Research Orientation Is Most Critical

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Proudly Presenting

IITM Young Research Fellow Program for the fifth-semester undergraduate students

We are pleased to announce the IITM Young Research Fellow program, conceptualised and funded by the Alumni Class of 1979. This is a one-of-a-kind program with a mission to encourage highly motivated undergraduate students to embrace the vibrant ongoing scientific research activity at IIT Madras. The year-long program is designed to provide immersive and intense scientific exploration opportunities for the students. The participants will have the opportunity to choose and execute research projects in any academic department or center of excellence at IITM, purely based on their interest and aptitude. The students will be closely guided by the respective faculty member to ensure a successful and rewarding research endeavour. The young research fellows will also be supported and encouraged to publish their findings in peer-reviewed international journals and to present at high quality international conferences.

The IITM YRF is the brainchild of the Alumni Batch of 1979. The 79ers, with a crack team spanning nearly 30 members spread across 10 teams, have handled various elements including program structure, fund-raising, financial strategy and planning, and marketing and PR for the IITM YRF. They have spent countless hours in helping shape and launch the IITM YRF, and their contribution has been invaluable. The 79ers continued personal involvement will be the lynchpin of the program’s success!

IITM YRF Program

A Quick Overview

An opportunity not to miss!

Chance to dive deep into the joy of research.

Eligibility : 5th semester (3rd year) B.Tech and Dual Degree students of IIT Madras
Number of Fellowships : Up to 20 per year
Duration of the program : 1 year
How to Apply : Explore Projects > Choose a project of interest > Apply
Student Application Deadline : 6th August 2020
Important Note : Refer annotated example before applying